V/A - Atticus: Dragging the Lake (Volume 1)


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1. ALKALINE TRIO - Jaked on Green Beers (Unreleased)
2. FINCH - Post Script
3. BLINK 182 - Time to break up (Unreleased)
4. NEW FOUND GLORY - Ex-Miss (Unreleased)
5. THE MOVIELIFE - Walking On Glass
6. AUTOPILOT OFF - Long Way To Fall (Unreleased)
7. AVOID ONE THING – Yakisoba
8. MIDTOWN - Find Comfort in Yourself
9. RIVAL SCHOOLS - On Vacations (Unreleased)
10. BOX CAR RACER - Tiny Voices (Unreleased)
11. MADCAP - Bright lights, Big City (Unreleased)
13. SUGARCULT - Daddy’s Little Defect
14. GLASSJAW - Radio Cambodia (Unreleased)
15. THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES - Sugar Free (Unreleased)
16. BAD ASTRONAUT - Catherine Morgan (Featuring members of Lagwagon)
17. THE STARTING LINE - Greg’s Last Day
18. SIMPLE PLAN - I’d do anything (Featuring guest vocal from Mark Hoppus)
19. NAME TAKEN - The Safety of Routine (Unreleased)
20. THE USED - A Box Full of Sharp Objects (Unreleased)
21. AGENT 51 - I Believe
22. SLICK SHOES - Friday Nite
23. KUT U UP – Destination (Unreleased)
24. JIMMY EAT WORLD - Praise Chorus (LIVE in London! *Unreleased)

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Wow, who could ask for more with a pop-punk compilation putout by everyone's favorite "punk" band Blink 182 and their clothing/label Atticus. Filled with tons of everyones favorite bands, playing unreleased and rare songs that you can not hear anywhere else. The more I listened to this the more I found I enjoyed quite a few of the bands on here, and still disliked some of the ones I have never cared for. The first track is by 'Alkaline Trio' whom lately have been making a name for themselves with most everyone in the punk scene knowing who they are..they contribute a nice track and a nice start to this compilation with 'Jaked on Green Beers'. Drive-Thru Records' bands on here include Finch and The Movielife..ex Drive-Thru bands that are now on MCA like New Found Glory, Midtown, and The Starting Line. As well as Blink 182, Boxcar Racer the band that contains Travis and Tom from Blink-182 along with 2 members of other bands. I wasn't very impressed with Boxcar Racer, I had hoped for something else than another Blink182 with slower songs that seem to be a bit deeper. Other bands that stand out with quality songs on this compilation have to be Madcap, a new track from Glassjaw, Autopilot Off (formerly Cooter), The Used (remind me of a Glassjaw/Thrice type band, definately worth checking out), Agent 51, and Slick Shoes. Simple Plan is on this cd, with Mark Hoppus guest singing on vocals. I have to say I'm not very fond of Simple Plan, I dont know if its because I'm still bitter about Pierre (vocals) leaving one of my favorite punk bands 'Reset' or if their music is just terrible...I think its a little of both.

There isnt a whole lot to say about compilations, each band has one track so there's no real comparison, the better bands' songs were listed above, but all in all this is definately a quality compilation in my eyes. I see myself listening to it quite a bit, and enjoying it for that matter. Pick it up, its only $7, and if you're going to the Pop Disaster Tour grab one there.


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