The Sunshine Fix - Green Imagination


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1 Statues and Glue
2 What Do You Know
3 Extraordinary/Ordinary
4 Papers Fall
5 Innerstates
6 Rx
7 Afterglow
8 Enjoy the Teeth
9 Face the Ghost
10 Runaway Run
11 Sunday Afternoon

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If music growing up was listening to bands like The Turtles, The Zombies, Pink Floyd, The Beatles (Sgt. Pepper-era), The Animals, and The Doors, a band like The Sunshine Fix may just tickle you in all the right, but seemingly awkward, places. Their tight mix of neo-psychadelia, pop, and drug-inspired creativity provides a very enveloping listening experience, and it becomes apparent that Bill Doss is indeed stuck in an era that was before his time -- and with luck, listening to his band's newest record, Green Imagination, will make you feel the same.way.

Much like the band's last album, Age of the Sun, The Sunshine Fix's newest charade is jam-packed with some of the most poppy and catchy 60s-esque tunes this side of the millenium. The only other band that really even comes close to capturing what this band has to offer is the equally amazing Of Montreal, whose newest album Satanic Panic in the Attic grabs equally from the same influences. Maybe the fact that both artists were once on Kindercore has something to do with it -- it does seem that Kindercore is quite possibly the best indie label on earth. Both artists dive into psychadelia headfirst and swim as far down as possible and then bring back to the surface some of the most intricate and thoughtful musical pieces ever conceived by a human.

"Statues and Glue" brings on visions of a tamberine-jangling bunch of hippies traveling on a bus together singing together in happy harmony; "What Do You Know" chimes in right after as the melodramatic soundtrack to the afterparty, eliciting feelings of a comedown from a huge amount of LSD and the paranoia that is unavoidable following such an experience; "Extraordinary/Ordinary" is the next-morning eye-opener, not quite as poppy as "Statues" but jubial enough to get the troops going more than a morning cup of coffee; and so on. Each track has a particular significance and much like Bill's other, earlier project (Olivia Tremor Control), each song seems to play like it's in that exact spot for a reason, and it wouldn't be surprising at all to find out that Bill has an opposite companion piece that could easily contrast with this one (much like he did with Dusk at Cubist Castle, when he included Explanation II). It would be just as interesting to hear that as it would be to hear this album, which doesn't have a single bad apple on it.

The Sunshine Fix have accomplished in two albums what The Beatles did in six -- they've established themselves as the purest example of a generation. For The Beatles, that was the hippie generation, and for The Sunshine Fix, its the cyber-hippie generation. Green Imagination is simply a breathtaking work that defies all categorization and no amount of good adjectives could do it justice.

--Timothy Golden


Last updated: 09/29/2009 09:03PM