MyChildren MyBride - Lost Boy


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The Ghost Inside
Remembering Never
The Acacia Strain

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Solid State


1. Terra Firma
2. Hooligans
3. King of the Hopeless
4. Crimson Grim
5. Lost Boys
6. Dark Passenger
7. Gatekeeper
8. Digital Rebirth
9. Redeemer
10. Nuclear+
11. Lungs Full ff Water
12. Untitled

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MyChildren MyBride didn’t turn any heads with their debut full length, Unbreakable, but it was a decent effort for a young metalcore band and showed potential. Their metalcore style was more metal than core at the time, with a focus on writing catchy riffs instead of being aggressive. On the group’s newest release, Lost Boy, the formula has been flipped; listeners are now pummeled with a barrage of breakdowns and a newfound intensity, making for a much heavier album.

The change in style isn’t necessarily better or worse, it’s more of a side step for MyChildren MyBride. Just like on their last album the band does an above average job of creating a metalcore record, but once again, nothing particularly stands out. Moreover, Lost Boy offers nothing new to the genre; you’ve heard it all before, from the muted breakdowns that shift to rung out breakdowns and then become muted again, to the standard metal riffs with double bass beefing them up and the instrumental track that hints at a deeper, more emotive side to the band – it’s all here folks. Despite the hackneyed song writing, Lost Boy still provides moments worth mentioning, mainly because of the outstanding performance from singer Matthew Hastings; it’s his vocal transitions that help keep the songs fresh.

“Terra Firma” is a fitting opening track for the record, as the beginning hammers you over the head until it’s understood that this isn’t the same MyChildren MyBride from a few years ago. The song never really lets up for its four minute duration and proves to be a powerful way to start off an album. “King of the Hopeless” comes in a few tracks later and shows the band’s knack for writing catchy, melodic choruses. It’s the melodic moments like this that really stand out on Lost Boy, and it’s nice to see a band not rely on singing to pull off the emotional parts. As Lost Boy progresses, the songs seem to get better and the peak of the album occurs at “Redeemer.” Using a melodic hardcore style that The Ghost Inside has perfected, the song’s upbeat verse propels it forward while transitioning to more standard hardcore riffs and then back into the verse some more until a crushing breakdown ends the song. It’s a short, simple song, but very well executed, and MyChildren MyBride would benefit from pursuing this side of the band more instead of focusing on breakdowns.

Lost Boy is the result of a band in the middle of a transitional phase; there are some great melodic hardcore moments on the album, but they’re weighed down by the mediocre metal ones. If MyChildren MyBride continues along this path, while making some moderate tweaks to their formula, they will surely be promoted from the mediocre metalcore category.

--Nicholas Fritz

Last updated: 06/23/2010 06:55AM


Jared Mehle
Age: 34
Minneapolis, MN

The most interesting thing about this band to me is that their former vocalist, Jeremy McAnally, left the band and became a software developer. He's now one of the more well known guys in the Ruby development community. I was completely shocked to learn that. The band wasn't even called Mychildren Mybride when he was in it. It was Behold.

Bill Lohr
Age: 31
Lehigh Valley, PA

I kinda just stopped listening to this band due to forgetting about them. I saw this album and did not really think to check it out. This review makes me want to try it out though. I'll get back to you. 

Rick Gebhardt
Age: 34

3/5 sounds about right. I think I liked their last album a tad bit more. I dunno, though. The two albums are different enough that I think I like each for different reasons. 


Nicholas Fritz
Age: 32
Quakertown, PA

I've only heard bits and pieces of the last one so I can't comment on the album as a whole, but it seems like this band is good at writing slightly above average music, regardless of what genre haha.

Spartan E7
Age: 29
Infinitely Inwards

3/5 is a good score. I enjoy the sound of this album better than their last and the breakdowns are relatively more brutal. 

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