Hopesfall - A Types


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1. It Happens
2. Start and Pause
3. Icarus
4. Breathe From Coma
5. Champion Beyond Blessing
6. The Ones
7. Manipulate the Eclipse
8. Matchmaker's Haven
9. Owl
10. Per Sempre Marciamo

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It should be pointed out right away that anyone expecting this cd to simply be a rehash of what Hopesfall did on The Satellite Years, then you’re in for a real disappointment. If you manage to listen to this cd with an open mind, and without any preconceived notions, you will find a very well crafted modern hard rock cd.

Many of the heavier aspects of older Hopesfall have been shed in favor of focusing on an emotional hard rock sound. Rarely will you hear any screaming, although the few places where it does show up it definitely adds to the song (see “Icarus” for a perfect example). The vocals now focus heavily on the emotive and melodic, which seems to be a very natural progression for them. It doesn’t feel forced at all and instead complements the new musical direction they’ve ventured in.

The songs on A Types have less stress on being heavy and more on simply being good hard rock songs. The guitars still have a metallic edge to them, but only edgy enough to make their sound an authentic one, separating them from the throngs of glossy radio rock bands proliferating right now. Don’t worry, there are definitely some moments of wonderful distorted guitar playing beauty, such as on “The Ones”, but for the most part the overall intensity of the band has been restrained for this release.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t some weenie rock release. It is still a pretty heavy and rocking affair, but in comparison to what Hopesfall has already put out, it comes off as pretty tame. No matter how you look at it, though, this is one fine hard rock cd that deserves to be added to your cd collection.

--Rick Gebhardt


Rick Gebhardt
Last updated: 09/29/2009 09:03PM