Eyes Set to Kill - Broken Frames


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A Skylit Drive
Attack Attack!

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1. All You Ever Knew
2. Broken Frames
3. The Listening
4. Ticking Bombs
5. Play the Part
6. Falling Fast
7. Catch Your Breath
8. Ryan
9. Inside the Eye
10. Two Letter Sins
11. Escape
12. Let Me In

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Let me preface this review by saying that this album is far from the worst thing I’ve ever heard. I know this doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement for Eyes Set To Kill, but it’s not necessarily meant to be. This album is not overtly odious, it’s just that this style of music has been done to death and, really, it was never exceptional to begin with. The contents of Broken Frames would be unsurprising to even the most novice fan of metalcore. It’s blatantly crossover, with every generic breakdown served with a counterpoint by the band’s Paramore inclinations, which have been talked about and talked some more about and talked even more about already on this site. It’s a pretty strict formula, one the band has more or less remained faithful to three albums and an EP into their career.

Musically, there’s nothing here that is particularly interesting. Eyes Set To Kill have always specialized in that Hot Topic sheen, and that hasn’t gone anywhere, though the metalcore moments sound a bit less punchy this time around. Additionally, new screamer Justin Denson’s vocal work leaves a lot to be desired. Where the band’s growth can be measured is with vocalist Alexia Rodriguez. Formerly serving as the vanilla converse to the jagged heavy moments, she’s finally come into her own as a frontwoman, and though the lyrics are fairly generic, her range and personality have improved to the point where they now carry the band as opposed to being a mass-marketing tool.

Make no mistake about it, Broken Frames wasn’t created to push any boundaries or re-invent your sense of what metalcore could be. It runs with a pretty obvious eye towards mainstream access, and when Rodriguez takes center stage, Eyes Set To Kill hit their mark. It’s the heavier moments that need some work; if the band is aiming to be a successful pop-mosh group like A Day To Remember they’re going to need to flesh these parts out. If their aspirations are more along the lines of Paramore, they should nix the attempts at metalcore altogether. Broken Frames is torn between two worlds, and it is desperately seeking some sort of resolution, making it feel frustratingly incomplete.

--Jake Oliver


Jake Oliver
Last updated: 06/04/2010 10:00AM


Rick Gebhardt
Age: 34

This band continues to be horrible. This is better than The World Outside and Reach, but it's still pretty much utter crap.  Horrible.

This would have been my review:


Jake Oliver
Age: 27
Rick Gebhardt

This band continues to be horrible. This is better than The World Outside and Reach, but it's still pretty much utter crap.  Horrible.

This would have been my review:

Hahaha. Rick, I'm honored to have one of your pic slams grace my review comments section.

Zach Roth
Age: 27
Fishers, Indiana

Well hell. With an RIYL like that, what could go wrong? Time to give this a spinnnn.

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Chris Conlan
Age: 31

I won't even listen because I know I won't like it.