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Explosions in the Sky
The American Dollar
The Tumbled Sea

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1. Against all odds
2. A Stolen Life
3. Such a Waste
4. The Air is on Fire
5. Motionless
6. The Sun is Already Gone
7. The Leaden Sky
8. Where Earth Meets Sea
9. Leaves Across the Roads
10. Backward

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Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud--a long name for a long album. Within this hour of instrumental landscapes, one thing is apparent: this French duo understands how to display musical tones that invoke various emotions and feelings… all without emphasizing the human tongue. This debut album has all the needed elements for a successful post-rock album: moments of minimal, quiet, and somber noise in the early morning hours, all the way to epic build ups where the music reminds you of waves crashing against the sand on a pitch-black, windy night.

The songs carry a nice flow, with lengths ranging from a few minutes up to nearly fifteen minutes, often standard in the post-rock genre. What is outstanding about this album, and even the post-rock genre that was briefly touched on earlier, is how these songs can take you through various emotions without needing the human element of words or speech. Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud has crafted songs that can remind the listener of moments of happiness, sadness, desperation, loneliness, excitement, and urgency.

The downfall to this album is the tone of the album is primarily expressed through a slower pace without any real peaks of speed or aggressiveness. Not to say that it’s necessarily needed, but with some songs reaching the over ten minute mark, slight, subtle hints of speed would be nice to break out of the monotony of the song, but with few in the genre treading into those waters, one can't blame Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud for not going that route. The other downfall is just the simple fact that this album’s music resembles many similar artists in the genre, but with little differentiation between artists in that genre, that is hardly a big deal, it’s just a common occurrence and could be seen as a weakness, depending who you are talking to.

All in all, if you’re looking for a post-rock album that’ll allow you to explore feelings, while fitting the familiar mold that should be pleasing to your ears, then Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud has the perfect album for you.

--Devin Boudreaux


Last updated: 09/01/2011 10:30AM


Zach Roth
Age: 27
Fishers, Indiana

Chilled-out post rock? Sounds like a good time.

(Also I was totally going to claim this, because I could tell just from the band name that is was gonna be a post-rock album. No hard feelings though. :P)

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Rick Gebhardt
Age: 34

I got a bit bored in the end. Definitely very monotonous... 


Zach Roth
Age: 27
Fishers, Indiana

I'm four tracks in, and it's all very pleasant, but there's not a lot of character. It's very stock-standard in a genre that lives and breathes stock-standard.

This reminds me that I have to do up something nice for the dudes in Il Rumore del various italian words. They do some neat stuff with post-rock and asked for a review a longass time ago.

edit: The crescendo in "Motionless" kicks ass.

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