Debtor - Bloodseeds


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Shai Hulud
The Carrier

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1. Job's Lament (pt. 1)
2. Already Dead (pt. 2)
3. Through Death (pt. 3)
4. Resolve
5. Bare Heights
6. Sideways
7. Believe
8. Last of All
9. Blue Bell
10. ~Psalm 142~
11. Erosion
12. Bleed
13. Witness (acoustic)

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Spirit-filled melodic hardcore band Debtor has been around for a number of years, but Bloodseeds marks their first full length album. The Philadelphia-based quintet clearly draws influences from staples of the genre like Strongarm and Shai Hulud, while infusing a few modern day elements into the music as well, providing a healthy balance for both older and younger listeners.

Let’s get the negative aspects of this album out of the way first and realistically, there is only one real gripe with Bloodseeds, but it does keep the band from reaching their true potential on this effort. With a 26-minute running time and 13 songs, even the mentally impaired reader can see it averages out to two minutes per song, and only three of those tracks go above that average. The end result is an album that doesn’t quite feel like a full length, where many songs seem unfinished and could be easily extended for a richer listening experience.

However, for those of you who don’t like short albums or songs, don’t write off Bloodseeds strictly on that criteria alone because you will be doing yourself a huge disservice. Debtor unleashes passion and aggression few bands can emulate, creating a moving album that improves as the tracks progress and really starts to come together after a few spins. Not every song stands out, but there are enough noteworthy tracks to keep listeners coming back for more.

Bloodseeds’ multi-song opener is split between three separate tracks – “Job’s Lament,” “Already Dead,” and “Through Death.” Debtor shows a wide range of what they can offer in this introduction, from slow and rhythmic verses to melodic upbeat passages and everything in between. The first half of the album goes by quickly, but the songwriting really starts to shine in the last few songs. On “Last of All,” Debtor gives their best Shai Hulud impression with a brooding buildup sprinkled with melody that leads to a breakdown of sorts. Rounding out the full length is “Erosion” and “Bleed,” the two longest tracks on the album, and they’re so good it’s a shame the band doesn’t write more meaty songs like these two.

Bloodseeds is an excellent debut full length from a band that appears to be just warming up. Moreover, Debtor deserves recognition for pulling off a style of hardcore that few bands do well, they just need to mature a bit more and work on the art of creating a fully realized album.

--Nicholas Fritz

Last updated: 07/01/2011 09:38AM