AFI - Black Sails in the Sunset


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1. Strength Through Wounding
2. Porphyria
3. Exsanguination
4. Malleus Maleficaum
5. Narrative Of Soul Against
6. Clove Smoke Catharsis
7. The Prayer Position
8. No Poetic Device
9. The Last Kiss
10. Weathered Tomb
11. At A Glance
12. God Called In Sick Today

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Never had much desire to really listen to AFI, the way they were always described to me was more hardcorish which is what it says on their web page "east bay hard-core" I was at a friends house, and Black Sails in the Sunset was in the cd player. I was pretty damn amazed at what these guys can do. All the lyrics are compelling. The songs are about Davey and him being lost trying to find himself, and the way he expresses how he feels is pure poetry. I was also surprised to be listening to it, and I thought I heard Dexter Holland from the Offspring singing, and I looked in the cover and saw he was singing background vocals. This CD is heavier than their other albums, which makes me more obliged to listen to it. They have developed as a band, and have a new sound which is candy for your ears.

This album appears to have more depth and should appeal to a wider variety of audiences. I definitely recommend this CD to anyone who likes heavy punk.



Last updated: 09/29/2009 09:01PM


Age: 31
Salt Lake City, UT

Amazing album. Top album of my life.