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Bandcamp Find: Thessa

Posted at 06:16AM

Band: Thessa
Album: Exile

You may remember (or more likely have forgotten) that Thessa made an appearance in one of my Discovery articles from last year. Being a one man band, this could have easily failed or sounded unprofessional, but Thessa continues to be a source of interesting and slightly different progressive metal/djent. Whereas past efforts focused solely on djent or atmospherics, this album took a nice left turn and is much more straight-forward, instrumental, progressive metal that integrates some components of djent and ambiance. The album comes across as much more methodical and thought out that many from Thessa's peers, giving you something that feels cohesive instead of a slapping together of various songs and calling it an album. 

UK label Enjoyment Records will be releasing a series of three volumes of the Blink-182 tribute compilation I Guess This is Growing Up, culminating in a full vinyl release (pending licensing). You can find Volume I at their Bandcamp, which features the likes of Dads, Lions, and Slingshot Dakota. Below, have a guitar playthrough of Invalids' contribution.

After the success of Dear G-d, Being As An Ocean has a tough act to follow for its sophomore release. Thankfully, the first taste listeners have of the interestingly-titled new album is a success. How We Both Wondrously Perish is set for release on May 6th via InVogue Records. You can pre-order the album here.

You can stream the new song at this location. Keen ears will be able to pick up the voice of Michael McGough, the former clean vocalist from The Elijah, who is now a full-time member of this band. In case you are wondering, his tenor is a very welcome addition. There are also some not-so-subtle post-rock influences that have crept over from Michael's former group, which is fine by my ears.


Bandcamp Find: Taiga

Posted at 10:30AM

Band: Taiga
Album: The Coriolis Effect

Most of you have probably heard of Isis or Red Sparowes. Most of you also probably didn't know that Bryant Clifford Meyer (guitar/vocals for Red Sparowes and electronics for Isis) has been making ambient music since 2008 under the moniker Taiga. On his latest album, he creates a soundscape that reminds me of what Solar Fields would create if pushed in an ambient direction. It's very future-sounding, yet oddly calm at the same time. It probably wouldn't feel too out of place as the soundtrack to any modern sci-fi video game. Then again, it might be too calm for video game music, but I think you get the point.

Rise Records' latest signees, Nightmares, a post-hardcore group from Atlanta, GA, is releasing its debut record, Suspira, on June 3rd. The band just released a new single, "Cujo", which can be streamed in the comments. 

Fans of older Our Last Night or Risecore will surely enjoy the label's latest signing. The album can be pre-ordered at this location. The band is hitting the road on the Rise Records and Friends tour, starting at the end of the month. Dates can be found here


California rock group Anakin has launched a Kickstarter campaign to record a full-length record. We have covered the band's most recent EP previously, noting how fans of space rock would be right at home. Head over to Kickstarter to fund the band's recording fees for a new album. The band is only asking for $3,500 in total, which seems unusually low for most crowd-funded campaigns. As of this posting, the band has only $675, so give the band a few bones and reap the benefits of a solid record. 


Mastodon take the high road

Posted at 01:16PM

Mastodon's new single from their upcoming album "High Road" has leaked in the form of a radio stream rip. Once More Round the Sun due out in June.


PUJOL debuts new song

Posted at 04:03PM

Saddle Creeker PUJOL has debuted "Circles" off his upcoming sophomore release Kludge. It's a pleasant sort of lo-fi, punky indie.


Band: Look Left Swing Right
Album: Look Left Swing Right

This might be a find that only applies to a select few people. Ask yourself, do you like deathcore that's more mosh oriented than tech oriented? If you did answer yes, or if you can tolerate non-technical deathcore, this is a short & sweet release from a young band who, given some more time and development, could really blossom. For the moment, though, this is a raw release that shows a lot of promise, which shouldn't be taken as a criticism. There is a passion here that permeates each song, which you won't find in many of the polished releases in the genre. 


Essence are just a tease

Posted at 08:41AM

For those of you who dug Essence's teaser for "The Climb" off their upcoming album Smoke & Mirrors, you can check out "Defiance" and "Prophecy" below. The album is due out by the end of Spring.


Belgium's premiere (and possibly only) deathgrind group, Aborted, has just dropped its latest single via Terrorizer. "Coffin Upon Coffin" is an absolute gem, ripe with disgusting lyrics, a delicious solo, and some fantastic vocals from ringleader Sven. Aborted has really amped up the melodic aspects of its sound, and that has paid dividends in its first two tracks from Necrotic Manifesto.

You can stream the new track here and pre-order the record at this location. Necrotic Manifesto is set for release via Century Media on April 29, 2014. Check out the previously released track here.

Several Decoy members would like to note that Deftones are intensely overrated. For the rest of you, here's "Smile," a track from their unreleased album Eros.


Bandcamp Find: Moonlit Sailor

Posted at 08:11AM

Band: Moonlit Sailor
Album: We Come From Exploding Stars

I'm sure for many post-rock fans, Moonlit Sailor aren't really a discovery. They've been around the post-rock world for some time now and have actually created a nice little niche for themselves, but if you're asking me (and why wouldn't you?), they still aren't appreciated enough. There's obviously going to be comparisons to Explosions in the Sky, but Moonlit Sailor don't hit the huge crescendos quite as hard as EITS. Instead, their breed of post-rock is much more upbeat and positive; every song has an uplifting undercurrent to it. They're more Sunlight Ascending mixed with fellow labelmates U137 than mere EITS ripoffs. If your day is as dreary and rainy as it is here in Minnesota, there is no better album than this one to pull you out of the grayness of the day. 


More new Closure in Moscow

Posted at 03:38PM

Closure in Moscow have debuted another new song from Pink Lemonade. "Neoprene Byzantine" rocks like Portugal. The Man meets The Mars Volta.


Bandcamp Find: Sothoros

Posted at 10:39AM

Band: Sothoros
Album: Overneath

I know, I know, I know... djent is wearing out its welcome (or has already, I'm not sure), but I'm still a sucker for a well done djent album, especially if it's instrumental. Similar to our last bandcamp find, Sothoros are solidly in the djent realm of the progressive metal spectrum, but whereas Shades of Black used some middle eastern influences to spice things up, Sothoros turn more to tech death to give their music an edge. There's plenty of TesseracT-isms throughout, don't worry, but there are also some great blast beats and aggressively heavy moments to punctuate the more atmospheric moments. 


Check the video below for a short interview with the band on finding their new vocalist, Bradley Walden, as well as a barely audible teaser of what's to come.

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Cedric Bixler-Zavala have teamed up with Flea and drummer Dave Elitch to form Antemasque. Check out "4AM" below.


Equals glisten

Posted at 03:43PM

Instrumental outfit Equals will be releasing a new full-length entitled Tracts on April 11. You can check out "Glistener" over at Pop Press Intl.

Hail the Sun have signed with Blue Swan Records, and piggybacking that announcement is the debut of "Hanging Revelation" of their as-of-yet-untitled full-length, due out this fall. Check it below.


If you can listen to "Like LaMotta" and say that this isn't what Limp Bizkit would sound like if they formed today, you're crazy. 


Bandcamp Find: Shades of Black

Posted at 06:01AM

Band: Shades of Black
Album: Ocean

I feel like there's come to be an overwhelming amount of djent-inspired solo artists on bandcamp. If you go to the djent or progressive metal tag, you'll be swimming in guys living in their bedrooms laying down some riffs on top of programmed drums and some adequate bass. It's all rather... underwhelming. But then you find an artist like Shades of Black (who is Matt Zuleger), who demonstrate how to actually do this solo artist gig. Sounding somewhat similar to other bandcamp sensations ForTiorI or Wide Eyes, Shades of Black know their progressive metal and djent. And to keep it a bit spicy so that it doesn't sound like he cloned those bands, he manages to toss in just a bit of middle eastern flavor and some nearly deathcore heaviness. 

Alternative Press is reporting that Periphery frontman Spencer Sotelo has joined From First To Last and is currently working with the band to finish their upcoming album. The announcement was made with a video statement from the band, which included a clip of Sotelo adding vocals to one of FFTL’s biggest hits. You can view that video on AltPress.


Chiptune/djent artist Sky Santcuary has rebooted his web and Youtube presence, and to celebrate, has posted a guitar playthrough of his song "Midnight Casino." If you haven't heard it yet, now's a great time to get acquainted.


Those Mockingbirds have debuted another new single "Destroy My Love" off their upcoming full-length Penny the Dreadful.


Tooth and Nail records is going through a similar stretch as my Indiana Pacers. When T&N was on, it was ON. Dead Poetic, Further Seems Forever, and Mae were some of my favorite bands growing up, so I tend to be forgiving of a bad stretch here and there.

Enter in the label's latest signing, Artifex Pereo. The Louisville, KY group's sound hits a lot of the notes I like to hear. Artifex Pereo's sound reminds me an awful lot of one of my favorite progressive post-hardcore bands, PM Today, as well as a heavier take on Hands Like Houses' sound. This is technical post-hardcore that is driving and melodic. The first single from the upcoming sophomore record, Time in Place, "Hands of Penance", can be streamed in the comments. The album will be released on May 27th and can be pre-ordered here.