A Day To Remember sells 92K albums without label

Posted by Brandon Helms at 06:38AM

Official press release:

A Day To Remember's new album Common Courtesy is off to a monster start. As the band was involved in litigation with a record label for the past couple years, it was uncertain for some time when the band's new album Common Courtesy would see the light of day.

On October 4th, a federal judge ruled in an injunction hearing that the band could legally release the album. Since their fans had been waiting for new music, the band opted to pre-release their album as soon as they possibly could direct to fans on October 8th.

Today Neilsen Soundscan verifies that the band sold 40,550 copies through their own digital direct to fan presale as well as 52,324 albums through traditional retail outlets such as Best Buy, iTunes and Hot Topic. In total, the new album has sold 92,874 copies in the US alone. The album will not debut on the Billboard chart this week due to the untraditional nature of this release but the band is very thankful for the overwhelming support and loyalty of their fans. Had Common Courtesy been eligible the band would have had a Top 10 debut this week.

"This proves that the days of needing huge record contracts are over, and that all that really matters are the fans," remarked lead singer Jeremy McKinnon. "Thank you for the support."

The band's last album What Separates Me From You was a major breakthrough for A Day To Remember. Upon its release the album debuted at #11 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart and has now sold over 300,000 units. A Day To Remember's entire catalog is now well over a million units combined.

The first single from Common Courtesy "Right Back At it Again" made its debut on the Billboard Modern Rock Charts this week at #40 as well.

Since their formation in 2003, Ocala, Florida's A Day To Remember have grown from a small band with a dedicated local fan-base into a worldwide phenomenon, gaining the respect and adoration from their peers as much as their fans. This hasn't been an overnight success story – A Day To Remember have worked hard to win over every fan they've made. Over the course of the bands career, the band has sold out entire continental tours, landed two Top 25 Billboard debuts and topped the Billboard Indie Albums Chart.


Nick Senior
Age: 28
Ellicott City, MD

I ended up buying the album then totally forgetting about it. It's always nice to hear of bands doing well despite the odds. It's a shame Victory is run by an asshat; they've always had some decent bands (even now), and I've had good luck with their press contacts.

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Is it any good? It's been plastered all over iTunes featured albums walls for over a month, as well as most the pirate websites such as getmetal, so I'm assuming it has been illegally downloaded a shit ton as well.

Zach Roth
Age: 27
Fishers, Indiana

I was considering reviewing this before, but didn't get around to it. With each album they get a little more accessible, and the straight heavy songs feel more and more out of place. They're mostly a pop-punk band inflected with rock these days, the way Four Year Strong went. There was one particularly jarring moment where they have a straight power ballad with no aggression followed up by a track comprised entirely of roars and the whole thing feels more like a shitty horror movie jump scare than a solid tracklist decision.

Overall, I'd give it a 3, maybe bumped to a 3.5 for people who really like catchy pop-punk or have a history with the band.

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