Armor For Sleep Make Break-up Official

Posted by Aaron Yarborough at 02:47PM

Armor For Sleep have officially broken up.  Statement from Ben in comments.


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it's been a little over a year since our last tour
and some of you out there have kind of figured out whats been going on
with us. we never wanted to burden you all with a formal announcement
of any kind and cause some type of commotion- we just thought it would
be better to kind of drift away nice and easy… i am writing this
strictly speaking for myself and i honestly don't really know how pj
anthony and nash will react to me being the one to write this, but i
feel like it should come from me because ultimately it was me who
decided it was best to leave things where they were. to me a song is
like a snapshot of a moment, real or made-up, and the band that takes
that snapshot is like a camera. i was really happy and proud of the
pictures that came out of our little camera, but i would have much
rather put in on a shelf for me and all of us to look at with fond
memories than to feel this intense need to make it take high-def
panoramic mosaics when maybe it was constructed to handle polaroid
film. it's as simple as that. i guess someone could examine our
inter-personal relationships and weird habits and attribute them to the
reason for this decision, but we were like brothers and no clash was
ever too great to slow us down. i hope that time won't obscure that
fact…i know it won't for me. that being said, i think the real and only
reason i am writing this is for you who have been fans of armor for
sleep. even though it hasn't been a secret that we are not working on
an album or touring, it has felt really weird to not come out and say
that the needles been lifted from the record. you have always been so
amazing to us and i know through all of our fancy little internet
avenues we will always be able/willing/not creeped out/ to talk about
life, death, armor tabliture, the needler, whatever your little hearts
desire. pj anthony and nash are all amazing people who i've witnessed
first hand probably more than anyone in the world as being super
talented at whatever they do and i know whatever they choose to do will
be amazing. i know you'll have their backs just as i will. as for me, i
have been hard at work cooking something up. i have a new camera. i
never like to blab about stuff until its ready and for this reason i
wasn't giving play by play updates when it was still in its complete
infancy…but i will get into it more very soon. i'm really excited, and
for me as someone who has been working a long time at the art of
writing songs and having these weird visions about how i see a band
being presented, i feel like i've put lots of pieces together from the
terabytes worth of experiences i've lived through…i know some people
will probably always want to hear dream to make believe or something no
matter what i'm doing, which is fine, but time is an arrow and i'm not
going to try and argue with that…i know i will always  be myself and no
matter what camera i'm behind i know you'll always recognize the hands
holding it. thank you to everyone who's been supportive and listened to
anything i've been  a part of in any facet. i can't wait to tell you
more about things to come. Check back in about a week for something new…

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Toronto, Ontario

This band really went downhill.

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Chris Conlan
Age: 31

Although their last album wasn't the greatest it did show some potential.  "What To Do When You Are Dead" is in my Top 5 fav albums of all time.  LOVED that disc.

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San Borja, Lima, Perú

What To Do When You Are Dead and Dream to Make Believe were both great.

Age: 27

i thought they were both good.  will be missed.

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Baltimore, MD

my first band crush...my first aim name that i got when i started college in fall of '02 (when demos were the only tunes able to be located), and what i still use to this day is sliplikespaceAFS...however, i lost interest in them over the last couple years with the latest release, commercial recognition, and a general shift in music tastes...

hope ben and the guys have some decent new projects in the works

thanks for all the memories at the shows, learning all your words, and singing loudly on long road trips...will be sure to pour out some booze for this loss over the weekend

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Toronto, Ontario

Dream To Make Believe was one of my favourite albums when it first came out. Listened to it again recently, and didn't think it aged  well at all. Some good songs on there still, but ... 

I liked WTDWYD when it first came out, but no where near as much as DTMB so I'm assuming that were I to listen to it now, it wouldn't sit well with me. I used to love this band a ridiculous amount.

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Rick Gebhardt
Age: 34

WTDWYAD is a rad album, and has aged decently well.  Dream to Make Believe, as you said Dan, didn't age as well.  It's still decent, though.  Whatever their latest album was was pretty much crap and I don't think I've listened to anything off of it since it was released.  WTDWYAD will always get plays from me, though.  I fell in love with it during college.


Chris Conlan
Age: 31

Ha, just used Wayback Machine and found my review for WTDWYAD: http://web.archive.org/web/20050910043011/breakingcustom.com/php/content_review.php?id=1108354353

Mike Duchnowsky
Age: 30
West Haven, CT

These guys were alright for the time or scene. This blend of music got old fast and I think they knew it.

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Zach Roth
Age: 27
Fishers, Indiana

These guys were never that great. Everything they've released always had some kind of potential but I could just never get into any of it. I ended up buying WTDWYD but have spun it once or twice.

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Age: 29
Leeds, England

Dissapointed :(. Was looking forward to a new album from them. First two records were great. Last one had a few decent songs but was patchy.