The Affordable Care Act

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Posted at 04/01/2012 06:34AM
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The Affordable Care Act failing to pass muster in the Supreme Court
would imperil the planned 2013 Legislative Lobby agenda by the RIAA and
MPAA to introduce that Affordable Media Act (AMA) which would provide
Government Subsidies to help keep Blu-Ray and Access to Media Streaming
Services at existing Prices in exchange for the requirement for all
American Tax Payers to show proof of the purchase of at least $500 per
year in Digital Media from any one of a number of participants in a
Government run Media Marketplace (member including Walmart, iTunes Music
Store, Amazon and others) or pay a tax penalty of $100,000.00 or 10
years imprisonment since it can be assumed that by not buying media from
an authorized Marketplace Member, you are engaged in Copyright

Zach Roth
Posted at 04/01/2012 08:12AM
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