Jason Call (The Climbing, Ex-Daphne Loves Derby)

Posted 03/12/2007 11:50PM by Truman Burden as Interview
03/12/2007 11:50PM

First off thanks for the interview
Hey thank you! I’m so excited

For those who don't know you, you were the previous bassist of Daphne Loves Derby. What made you decide to leave Daphne and are you still on good terms with the guys?
I love the guys in Daphne. I grew up with them and they are my brothers, but I chose to leave because the band was not on the spiritual level I wanted. When we first started, we were all on the same page spiritually and as we grew up we all started to differ in beliefs. Although touring with Daphne was fun, it wasn't as fulfilling as it once was, and I wanted to do something more uplifting with my time.

You recorded bass for Goodnight, Witness Light and the record is really good. What was the recording process like for the album? And did it feel good to leave the band in such a good place?
Well I made sure I stayed for the album. I would hate to leave the guys without a bassist for the record. I actually put off my mission for quite some time so I wouldn't leave them at an uncomfortable time. I felt that leaving after the album was best, that way when they found a new member... he would only have to learn my parts, and this would allow him to transition into the band with the least amount of difficulty

Now since Daphne you've been a busy guy getting a bunch of new stuff out we'll cover. First off, you've released music with your new project The Climbing. What are your future plans with The Climbing and do you plan to release an album or an EP anytime in the future?
Well, I really enjoyed working on that project with Steve we have a lot in common and have a similar situation on our hands. I have one month until I leave to Peru and I want to use all this time to capture our story. I have been talking to a few labels and some of them may be willing to help us with the project. My goal is to put out a full length CD before I leave, be it with Steve (The Climbing) or myself

You have also been working on some amazing solo stuff, that sounds really good. Was it hard to step into the position as vocalist or has it been something you have always wanted to do?
I always knew that I wasn’t a lead singer, plenty of people have told me that. I don’t have a good voice, but I hope that my personality can come through the music I write and maybe vocals isn’t the main focus, but the music and the message because I believe there is a beautiful message to write about.

What would you like people to take away from the new musical projects you're working on?
I guess I would like to bring light into dark situations. To inspire, and bring hope. This life and this world are full of distractions. I want to inspire people to think about their potential…and take time to get away from the hustle and bustle…to think about the beautify of life, and where they come from, and where they have the opportunity to go, with the right perspective. I want to write about the joy I have felt as I put others before myself, and learn to serve.

You also played the majority of the instruments on your solo tracks. When you are the main creative force behind a project, who do you go to, to get input on songs?
My mother, my friends. I really have trouble getting good input, haha, a lot of my friends don’t even know I make music.

I got the chance to interview Daphne Loves Derby in support of Goodnight, Witness Light and they told me they haven't had a chance to check out The Climbing. Have you had a chance to attend a Daphne show as a fan of the band?
No, I haven’t. They haven't come to where I am at. I do check up on them online, however, everyday I will get a random memory from tour and want to text them or call them, but most of the time I leave them alone because I know they are busy.

The last time we talked you had mentioned you had plans to do mission work and when that day came you would have to leave the band. Was it a hard decision deciding to follow that path?
Yes, it was extremely hard, because initially I saw the band as a positive thing, and a mission in itself, but the longer I thought about it... the more and more it turned into something I wasn’t comfortable with. I really struggled for a couple months in horrible horrible pain, but I just knew I wanted to do something greater, and the pain was taken away the more I prayed and thought about my decision. Now I can say that I have never been more happy with my life, and the decisions I have made.

Let's get back to talking about some of your solo stuff. I had the chance to hear a few of the new tracks and "In Your Arms" really is a great song I was wondering if you could give me some of the inspiration behind the song?
Sure! The song is based from a story in the Bible. It’s about the prodigal son and it is from his perspective. He is given a life, but does not want to posses it. He runs away from home, and finds out... that he really was better off with his fathers plan, and inheritance. The song is almost a prayer... when he realizes that he was wrong... and that he wants to be home again. I think we all have been in similar points in our life, I know I have. I've done things my own way, and learned that I was better off listening to my parents or others.

When do you think you might officially release some of your solo tracks to the public? Or do you plan to surprise fans and just release it when an album is finished?
I will release something for sure before I leave on my mission to Peru and I would like to set up a way to keep in touch with whoever would like to talk to me, and will post my address later.

You are leaving for your mission in Peru soon and it really is a great thing you are a doing. Can you give people some insight into why you are going to Peru and what you hope to accomplish by going there?
Sure, I am going to Peru because that is where I was called in my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) missionaries are called to serve all over the world. I have friends in Europe, America, Australia, South America, Asia, and Africa... pretty much everywhere all over the world. I happened to be blessed enough to serve the beautiful people of Peru. While I am there I am going to be offering them service, in the form of labor, getting to know the people, and also teaching them about Christ, and the plan God has for them. Some people may be interested in this message, others may not but I just want to offer them the same message that has brought me so much peace, joy, and comfort.

Not everyone has the opportunity to go on missions because there life will not permit it. If people are interested in helping but can't get involved with a mission, what would you recommend?
I would say... just learn how to forget yourself... as you serve others and learn to be compassionate, you will have find so much joy! Also, learn how to separate yourself from the stress and distractions in your life. This will help you have a clear mind, and be able to focus on whatever you believe. Smile, when you see someone, lift someone up who has fallen a long the way, and give a part of yourself everyday. I promise you will be more happy.

You played a live show recently what did you think of the fans reaction to your new music? And what was the shows set-up like?
Well, there weren’t as many kids as usual, but the kids who did come were incredible! They were very respectful to my songs. It was a great experience. I’ve never run across a better group of kids.

This is a section I always try and do called Random Questions here are yours:

Daphne filmed the video for "Hammers and Hearts" at your house. Do you ever think you would like to film The Climbing or a solo video there?
Probably not, just because it was so stressful. It’s cool to look back but I really remember it being a big pain. I was trying to get some free space... and there were girls changing in my room, and people everywhere... I think the director asked my mom for an Egg sandwich without bread, and then he just threw it in the fire. Pretty nuts...

What is one sport you ruled at as a kid? And what is one of your favorite sports stories?
Well Stu and I were on a baseball team together and we did pretty well. It was a blast to play with all of my friends... I miss it a lot. I just remember a time when we were playing catch and Stu was playing with our friend Patrick before a game. Stu hit him in the mouth and it was pretty bloody, I can remember. Stu crying instead of Pat because he felt so bad for hurting his friend. It was just such a funny sight

Girls have been chasing guys on playgrounds since the beginning of public school. How many girls caught you and did you ever chase back?
Oh, wow! I never got caught... I am proud to say, but I do have a great memory. Our school had a huge slide and a huge group of girls was chasing me. Three of them at the bottom of the slide... and then the fourth followed me up the slide. I was trapped! I remember it all in slow motion. I fled down the slide, with the fourth girl following, then I jumped off the slide the last second, and the fourth girl knocked all the girls down, and they started crying. I remember crying because I was laughing so hard as I ran away

You just landed on the go to jail spot in Monopoly do you plead the dice rolled a different number? Quite the game? Or just wait to buy yourself out of jail?
Well, I probably would not play MONOPOLY because that game always takes so long, and I always get stuck in jail

Well man I guess that wraps it up. I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer all the questions. Do you have any closing comments?
I would like to thank you for a great interview, and asking some interesting questions. I would also like to thank anyone who has ever supported me. It means more then you will even know I would love to keep in touch with everyone while I am in Peru, and I will see you in 2 years.