In an ever changing world and society, the human spirit yearns to find some sense of consistency. For the five guys that together make up Submersed, that constant is music. Eric Friedman (Lead Guitar, background vocals) experienced this revelation and saw it become a part of his reality at the age of 13. It became the catalyst for the creation of the "Eric Friedman Band," and the beginning of a journey that would lead him in directions he never could have imagined.

During Friedman's early teens, he immersed himself in the Blues, and unbelievably caught the attention of players which included Steve Vai and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. At the age of 15, his tastes broadened through a connection he felt with an album titled "Human Clay," and his ears opened to the sounds of Modern Rock. His new love for rock lead him to the 1999 N.A.M.M. (National Association Music Merchants) show in Anaheim, California where he met Mark Tremonti. The guitarist became his mentor, and Friedman explored fresh ideas and sounds through the band "Blacksun," which provided the vehicle to perform in many of L.A.'s top rooms. Following a number of auditions with signed acts, a young band from Dallas came knocking to fill a void left by the loss of their lead guitar player. With a record deal on the table, Submersed grabbed Friedman in the summer of 2002.

Donald Carpenter (Lead Vocals) was born and raised in the small town of Stephenville, Texas. From the age of 15 in his freshman year of high school, Carpenter knew he wanted to front a rock band. This would have to wait however, as following his graduation from high school, he enlisted in the United States Army. He served proudly for 3 years, learning valuable lessons along the way. After finishing his commitment in June of 2000, Carpenter set out to seek the dream that had never left him. He moved to Dallas, Texas in search of like-minded individuals with his goals in hand. Little did he know that those other "like-minded" individuals were right under his nose all along.

The diversity of Submersed could not be better displayed by anyone other than Kelan Luker (Bass). Voted the Texas High School Quarterback of the Decade (90's) and Honorable mention All-American his senior year at Stephenville High school, Luker is the epitome of dedication. From a humble upbringing in Gustine, Texas, and later small town experiences in Stephenville Luker and Carpenter paths collided many years before the band's seeds were even planted. As they headed in different directions after school, Luker would go on to be the starting quaterback at the Division 1 program for S.M.U. His brother Seth was a friend of Carpenters back at their hometown high school would ultimately bring the two together as Kelan traded his jersey for the bass.

Also spawned from those same small-town roots was T.J. Davis (Guitar). A few years younger than Luker and Carpenter, Davis attended Tarleton State University. Known for being a very diligent student of the instrument, Davis is far more than a rhythm player. He compliments the string-work of Friedman, and in a complementary way provides an amazing two-axe attack. Believing that no part is more important than the other, Davis would provide the veins in the body of work known as Submersed.

Through the inception of Submersed, like many acts that came before, the band had a few "come and go" members. Finding the right cohesive personalities isn't easy, and the band has met every challenge as destiny. Believing that everything happens for a reason, they truly believe that the next and last cornerstone is right around the corner. The band signed with Wind-up Records June of 2002. Following the deal, the band emigrated from Dallas relocating to Orlando, Florida where they now reside. The absence of a drummer was filled during the recording of the debut by Scott Phillips, who performed on all of the tracks.

After the sessions, Submersed held a series of tryouts to find the right drummer for the band. They found him in the form of local badass Garrett Whitlock. A native of Orlando, Whitlock's natural ability and his overwhelming fervor for the art sold the band. For the moment, it is a touring position.

With the unwritten chapters of Submersed still to come, the band's final thought for the reader to ponder is simple – “By perseverance, the snail reached the Ark" – Unknown. Music is not just an art but a gift. A gift of communication and understanding that crosses boundaries like nothing else can. If there is anything that Submersed stands for other than the music, it is the fact that we will always strive to use our art to mold not just us but others into the human beings that we all as humans strive to be. With that same perseverance the snail used, so to will Submersed persevere to never stop believing that we all can change and that peace and growth is just a thought away!


  • In Due Time