Salt Lake City, UT



Outsiders to everything.

Not only is Gaza geographically isolated, tucked away in the remote Mormon stronghold of Salt Lake City, but the band is ideologically isolated within its own hometown -- staunch realists amidst an overwhelmingly religious population. Even within the underground, Gaza is the outsider, following its own path with no regard for the rules, trends, and fashions of the day. This is a band with no costume, no pretense; only honesty begets music as intense as Gaza's. And so, like an anvil crashing down out of a clear blue sky, Gaza’s second album, He Is Never Coming Back, crashes down onto an unsuspecting scene and resets the standards, from the outside.

It is fitting that such a religious hotbed as Salt Lake City has bred some of the most fed-up music about religion ever recorded. With lyrics that are blunt, concise and cutting, frontman Jon Parkin expresses a distinct loss of patience for irrational thought, an utter disgust for delusions. In Parkin’s own words: “He Is Never Coming Back is a knife pushed slowly through the temple and into humanity’s primitive religiousness. It is a call to utilize the same logic and reason applied in every other aspect of our lives in the assessment of theology.”

Gaza’s sound is as unforgiving and real as its message. He Is Never Coming Back is pure venom -- dark, raw, thick, minimal, precise, and punishing. has called it a “gnashing, antisocial beast.” There is a suffocating atmosphere of impending annihilation that never once lets up.

Recorded by longtime friend Andy Patterson (who has played drums in State Of The Nation, Bluetip and Shelter, among other bands) and mastered by Nick Zampiello (Converge, Unsane), the goal was to capture the live vibe, not perfection. “Dismal atmosphere, puke-and-grime guitar tones, gritty bass work, and manic depressive percussion,” in the words of Parkin. “The production is huge and raw and there is very little studio trickery. It sounds as if there is an actual band playing in an actual room. A refreshing path in music as of late.”

Gaza’s live show is being hailed as one of the most staggering there is. Led by Parkin (who, at 6’7”, has been described by one fan as “a giant spider”), Gaza has floored crowds on tour with Genghis Tron, Ed Gein, and the_Network. The band incited an onstage moshpit at this year’s Dudefest.


  • No Absolutes in Human Suffering
  • He Is Never Coming Back
  • I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die