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New tunes from Comrades

Posted by Zach Roth

Remember that time I wrote a negative review for Comrades' Collection: 2010-2011 as a one-act play, and while the band took it well, some fans called it straight libel? That was the genesis of Russian Circles disease. Good times. Well the band is dropping a new full-length Safekeeper on May 6 via Blood & Ink Records, and you can sample a track over at Brooklyn Vegan. While I don't agree with the article's author that just adding vocals to this would make it sound like The Fall of Troy, I think "Severance" is a huge step up, and I can get down with this as something As Cities Burn or Thrice would put out.

Finally a New Emarosa Song

Posted by Nick Senior

After a small string of teaser videos, post-hardcore group Emarosa has released the debut single from its upcoming album, Versus. You can stream "Mad" below.

Bandcamp Find: Lucent / Say I Am

Posted by Zach Roth

Band: Lucent & Say I Am
Album: Penguin for the Sake of Penguin

Today we've got a charming split full-length featuring two one-man bands from Columbus, Ohio. Lucent's side of the split straddles both sides of Tera Melos' discography, combining the discordant mathy experimentation of their early work with the more chilled out indie of X'ed Out. Say I Am, on the other hand, sound a lot like what I imagine alternate universe math-rock Dead Letter Circus would be. And of course, more gorgeous artwork courtesy of Yvette Young.

Rosetta readying new EP

Posted by Zach Roth

Hop over to Rosetta's website for the details on their new EP Flies to Flame. The post-metal outfit from Philadelphia promises lots of grit, experimentation and improvisation, as the four EP songs were recorded in a garage with different instruments during the writing of The Anaesthete.

More new Emarosa material as background music for interviews...

Posted by Zach Roth

Those hungry for new Emarosa material with their promising new vocalist must look no further than the new video they've shared. His voice sounds huge.

Wings Denied Detail New Album

Posted by Nick Senior

The DC-area progressive metal band Wings Denied has released details on its debut full-length album. Mirrors for a Prince will be self-released on May 13th. You can pre-order the album digitally or physically (just don't get too physical...), and the album teaser can be streamed in the comments. You can stream the previously released single "In Search of Sunrise" at this location.

Unlike most progressive metal bands that are discovered on Bandcamp, Wings Denied doesn't really fit that well into typical tropes. The music will certainly appeal to fans of "djent" bands like Intervals or TesseracT, but it has a lot in common with Mandroid Echostar or the heavier moments of Coheed and Cambria. We'll see what the full album is like in a few weeks.

In Hearts Wake Celebrates Earth Day

Posted by Nick Senior

Australian metalcore troupe In Hearts Wake has released the second single from its upcoming sophomore record, Earthwalker. You can stream "Sacred" at this location. The album is due for release on May 5th via UNFD.

The song continues the environmental themes from the past single, "Divine" (stream here), which is more than a tad fitting to celebrate Earth Day. Also of note, "Sacred" is more hard-hitting, lyrically and musically. Here's hoping these two tracks are a good sign for the album to come.

Bandcamp Find: Arms of Empire

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Band: Arms of Empire
Album: Energy

Remember when August Burns Red were just starting out... they were so raw and rough around the edges, but you could hear that they could really come together in time. I get that same vibe from Arms of Empire, not just because some of the songs have the feel of early ABR, but because the album is a bit unfocused, yet filled with energy. They've got the ABR-ish riffing down, but they also throw in some pretty well done cleans that soar when called upon, sounding akin to something that would come from Garrett Rapp's or Johnny Craig's pipes. There are a few moments where there is some obvious straining, but given time I think the range will come. This is a band that is on the cusp of breaking into the metalcore mainstream; they just need a bit more time, focus, and some chipping away of the rough edges.

I think Close Your Eyes listened to a lot of Manchester Orchestra

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Check out "Kings of John Payne" from Close Your Eyes below. It's from their album Line in the Sand.

Wovenwar (ex-As I Lay Dying) Releases Debut Single

Posted by Nick Senior

The members of As I Lay Dying that didn't plead guilty for attempted murder, have created a new band with Shane Blay (of Oh, Sleeper). Wovenwar has signed with Metal Blade Records and will release its debut record some time this Summer. For now, you can stream "All Rise" at this location.

To no one's surprise at all, the song is stupidly catchy and reminiscent of past As I Lay Dying. Shane's vocals bear more than a passing resemblance to mid-career Dustin Kensrue (of Thrice). Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Bandcamp Find: Thessa

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Band: Thessa
Album: Exile

You may remember (or more likely have forgotten) that Thessa made an appearance in one of my Discovery articles from last year. Being a one man band, this could have easily failed or sounded unprofessional, but Thessa continues to be a source of interesting and slightly different progressive metal/djent. Whereas past efforts focused solely on djent or atmospherics, this album took a nice left turn and is much more straight-forward, instrumental, progressive metal that integrates some components of djent and ambiance. The album comes across as much more methodical and thought out that many from Thessa's peers, giving you something that feels cohesive instead of a slapping together of various songs and calling it an album. 

Enjoyment Records bring you I Guess This is Growing Up

Posted by Zach Roth

UK label Enjoyment Records will be releasing a series of three volumes of the Blink-182 tribute compilation I Guess This is Growing Up, culminating in a full vinyl release (pending licensing). You can find Volume I at their Bandcamp, which features the likes of Dads, Lions, and Slingshot Dakota. Below, have a guitar playthrough of Invalids' contribution.

Time for New Being As An Ocean? But of course

Posted by Nick Senior

After the success of Dear G-d, Being As An Ocean has a tough act to follow for its sophomore release. Thankfully, the first taste listeners have of the interestingly-titled new album is a success. How We Both Wondrously Perish is set for release on May 6th via InVogue Records. You can pre-order the album here.

You can stream the new song at this location. Keen ears will be able to pick up the voice of Michael McGough, the former clean vocalist from The Elijah, who is now a full-time member of this band. In case you are wondering, his tenor is a very welcome addition. There are also some not-so-subtle post-rock influences that have crept over from Michael's former group, which is fine by my ears.

Bandcamp Find: Taiga

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Band: Taiga
Album: The Coriolis Effect

Most of you have probably heard of Isis or Red Sparowes. Most of you also probably didn't know that Bryant Clifford Meyer (guitar/vocals for Red Sparowes and electronics for Isis) has been making ambient music since 2008 under the moniker Taiga. On his latest album, he creates a soundscape that reminds me of what Solar Fields would create if pushed in an ambient direction. It's very future-sounding, yet oddly calm at the same time. It probably wouldn't feel too out of place as the soundtrack to any modern sci-fi video game. Then again, it might be too calm for video game music, but I think you get the point.