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Ready the Cake- We're Going to Slice It

Posted by Nick Senior

Intercontinental (seriously) progressive deathcore group Slice the Cake are readying their third record, Odyssey to the West, for impending release (date is unknown as of yet). The group has just premiered the debut single from the record, "Stone and Silver I: The Mountains of Man". The song is streaming on YouTube, where you can peep the album's gorgeous cover. I had the group's debut, The Man With No Face, in my top 10 a couple years ago, so you know I'm beyond excited to hear what's next for the group/ This latest track seems to suggest the Cake is getting more progressive, without sacrificing heaviness. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Celldweller thinks you're f_cked

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Below is the first single off the 3rd chapter of End of an Empire by Celldweller

Stream all of Gamma Pulse's new album

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

If you're interested in some electronics heavy post-hardcore, check out Gamma Pulse's album Dead but Dreaming, conveniently streaming at Youtube... or down below!

#StAnger2015 - Revisit Metallica's most divisive album

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Daryl and Chris from Grace the Skies have teamed up with Dave from Adust to re-record Metallica's album St. Anger. And I have to say... I think I like this version better than the original. 

Louder Than Quiet teams up with Jonny Craig

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Check out the latest Louder Than Quiet video for "Red Gemini", which contains some added vocals from Jonny Craig

View on YouTube

Full Devil Jacket are coming back!

Posted by Rick Gebhardt do remember Full Devil Jacket, right? No? Well, you can listen to a new song, "Valley of Bones", to get reacquainted. They'll be releasing a new album, which goes by the same name as this song, sometime this spring. 

Dance Gavin Dance to release Instant Gratification later

Posted by Nick Senior

Dance Gavin Dance is set to release its latest album, Instant Gratification, on April 14th via Rise Records. The album sees the group reunited with producer Kris Crummmet, so hopes are high, at least here. The album can be pre-ordered at this location. You can peep the teaser video on YouTube. Of course, the teaser does not offer any instant gratification...

We reviewed the band's previous album in grand fashion, stating that Tilian was a more-than-welcome addition to the band, but the production was lacking. Here's hoping working with Kris again will sort that out. We'll keep you posted when a single drops. 

Stream Feed Her to the Sharks

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Listen to the entirety of Fortitude, the latest from Feed Her to the Sharks, over at the youtubes. If this doesn't make it onto your gym playlist, something is wrong.


Posted by Nick Senior

I'll just let the music do the talking. Go check out "Master" on YouTube.

That ruled, right? It's like the heaviest soundtrack to an 80s horror film, but with a delicious amount of low end. The one-man group is signed to Blood Music and is set to release its debut on Blood Music this upcoming April. You can check out GosT's past releases on his Bandcamp.

Bandcamp Find: Ire Wolves

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Band: Ire Wolves
Album: The Ascetic

There's nothing wrong with some healthy Isis worship, is there? In all fairness, though, Ire Wolves also have some definite Cult of Luna and Neurosis influences in their music as well. I'm not trying to call Ire Wolves copycats, because if that's all they were, I wouldn't bother telling you about them. Even though the influences of the aforementioned bands is quite strong, they are simply the basis for wall of sound created in these 6 tracks. Ire Wolves are thundering. When they come to a crescendo, they don't pull back. It's what they do best. But don't discount their ability to craft rising action as that is also essential for the crescendos to hit with as much force as they do. In a genre that can sometimes get too caught up in worrying about "the riff", Ire Wolves instead goes for "the wall of sound" and it's a welcome focus. 

So do we still like Palisades or have they sold out?

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Watch "Mind Games" from Palisades below. 

View on YouTube

Immerse yourself in some new Klone

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Listen to the song "Immersion" from Klone's upcoming album, Here Comes the Sun, below.

Tear Out the Heart is dead, everywhere

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

You can stream Dead, Everywhere, the latest album from Tear Out the Heart over at Alternative Press.

Corelia Crowdfunding Debut Double Album

Posted by Nick Senior

California prog metal band Corelia has been quiet for quite a while now, but apparently that's because they're overachievers. The band is taking to Indiegogo to crowdfund its debut album, which you can donate to at this location. As of right now, Corelia is mere dollars away from its goal of $15,000 to record. The pre-order goodies include the standard shirts, hoodies, signed lyrics, and a "cloak" that will grant you access into any Corelia show you attend. Check out the options at the link above. In case you need any convincing, check out our review of the band's EP and get excited for this upcoming release.