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First New Aeges Song in... Ages

Posted by Nick Senior

Personal favorites of the site, Aeges, has finally resurfaced. We raved about the band's debut two years ago, and it's a must have for fans of 90s post-hardcore, Queens of the Stone Age, or Torche. The band's brand of pop-fuzz is definitely back with the premiere of "Fault", the first single from the band's sophomore record. Above and Below is set for release September 23rd via The Mylene Sheath. You can stream the new song here, and keep up with Aeges on Facebook.

Protest the Hero hit up Europe

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

If you're in Europe, it's highly encouraged that you go see Protest the Hero with The Contortionist and The Faceless to get your full fill of progressive and technical metalcore. Dates below. 

14.11.14 Germany Leipzig @ Conne Island
15.11.14 Czech Rep Pilsen @ Pod Lampou
16.11.14 Germany Berlin @ Bi Nuu
18.11.14 Norway Oslo @ John Dee
19.11.14 Sweden Gothenburg @ Sticky Fingers
20.11.14 Denmark Aarhus @ Voxhall
21.11.14 Holland Enschede @ Atak
22.11.14 Germany Köln @ Essigfabrik
24.11.14 Belgium Antwerpen @ Trix
25.11.14 UK Southampton @ Mo Club
26.11.14 UK Manchester Academy 2
28.11.14 Ireland Dublin @ Voodoo Lounge
29.11.14 North Ireland Belfast @ Limelight 2
30.11.14 UK Wolverhampton @ Wulfrun Hall
01.12.14 Scotland Edinburgh @ Studio 24
02.12.14 UK London @ Koko
04.12.14 France Paris @ Trabendo
05.12.14 Germany Karlsruhe @ Substage
06.12.14 Italy Milano @ Live Forum
07.12.14 Italy Rome @ Traffic Club
08.12.14 Germany München @ Backstage
09.12.14 Austria Wien @ Arena
10.12.14 Switzerland Geneve @ L'Usine
12.12.14 Switzerland Winterthur @ Gaswerk Kulturzentrum
13.12.14 France Lyon @ Warmaudio

Bandcamp Find: Shodai

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Band: Shodai
Album: With Grass Above Ones Head

I'm sure everyone has had a raucous 4th of July weekend... well, at least here in the United States. After a long weekend of drinking, blowing things up, and laying in the sun it's hard to ease back into the everyday working life. Shodai should help make the transition easier as the calm, soothing post-rock on With Grass Above Ones Head could ease even the most staunch hangover, which will be helpful so that you can also be ready to take on some of the shoegaze tracks on this album. Not content to stay confined to post-rock, Shodai also ventures into shoegaze realms, at times creating some very abrasive, yet emotive, compositions. This diversity and lack of fear to venture beyond set genres should challenge listeners, as well as fit a plethora of moods. 

The Matador Releases New Single

Posted by Nick Senior

Aussie post-metal group The Matador has released the first taste of its new album, Destroyer. The band has released the title track, which can be purchased via Bandcamp and streamed in the comments. To coincide with the release of "Destroyer", the band is giving away a custom Destroyer guitar/bass cabinet designed and built by guitarist Ryan Creighton. All who purchase the single on Bandcamp between July 6th and August 5th will be entered into the contest to win the speaker cabinet.

If that doesn't entice you, maybe hearing the song will be the icing on the cake. The band's take on post-metal is laced with heavy doses of doom and melancholic hardcore. It feels both entirely familiar and fairly unique. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Death metal in a box

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Artist João Onofre is trying to get bands to do something a little different--play while locked in an airtight box until they run out of air. He's opened this up to bands that want to try it during the month of July. 

Anyone hoping he can convince Emmure or Brokencyde to try it out and then never open the box again? 

Spongebob does.... drone?

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

If you've ever wondered what the Spongebob Squarepants theme song would sound like slowed down to a demonic pace (and who HASN'T wondered that?), then check out the video below for some rather effective nightmare fuel. 

Bandcamp Find: Sea of Trees

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Band: Sea of Trees
Album: Envision

As anyone knows, I have a soft spot for modern slick & trendy post-hardcore when it's done right. I've also always had a soft spot for melodic metalcore (a la Killswitch Engages or From Autumn to Ashes). Sea of Trees hits on both of these fronts with many of the choruses and melodic moments feeling much more like the metalcore of the bands mentioned previously, while the abrasive and aggressive passages have a much more current feel, complete with some bass drops and that guitar tone... the one that every post-hardcore band with members under the age of 25 is using (aka: the crabcore tone). This may sound like a mess, but it's not; it's actually extremely listenable and worth your time.

Game of Thrones from the 80s?

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Since we featured Perturbator last week, why not keep on the retro 80s theme... so check out this fun 80s version of the Game of Thrones theme

Here's Some Garage Punk

Posted by Nick Senior

New York punks, Heeney, have released a new single in preparation for the band's full-length. You can head to BrooklynVegan to stream "In the Mind". Fans of fast-paced garage punk or the New York punk scene should enjoy this.

Aviator Takes Flight

Posted by Nick Senior

Boston's own post-hardcore trope Aviator has released the first single from its debut album. You can stream "Pipe Dreams" over at Noisey and pre-order the album at this location. Head in the Clouds, Hands in the Dirt will be released by the usually-excellent No Sleep Records.

RIYL: The Hotelier, La Dispute, Barrow

New The Matador Album Incoming

Posted by Nick Senior

It's no secret that we here at Decoy Music do love us some well-done post-metal. It's also no secret that Australian bands are usually synonymous with quality. With that said, we may have another excellent slab of post-metal coming our way. If you're not familiar with The Matador, it's time you change that. The band's first release was a concept album centered around an Edgar Allen Poe short story. The music swells and has a sound that is reminiscent of Isis, The Mire, and Pelican. Did I mention that you can name your price for the album on Bandcamp? Go check it out.

So now the band is set to release its full-length debut, with a teaser video that you can stream in the replies. Destroyer does not yet have a street date, but here's what we know:

- Recorded by Kurt Ballou
- Sounds massive
- Maybe I'm excited

I'm sure we'll have more news as it decides to break. 2014 has definitely been a good year for metal so far.


Posted by Nick Senior

Sometimes caps lock is necessary, folks. Despite my lukewarm opinion on the rash of Sabbath imitators, Pallbearer is, and now will continue to be, definitely a bright spot. The band's debut, Sorrow and Extinction, was a solid trip to riff city. By the sounds of "The Ghost I Used to Be", Foundations of Burden will be an even better follow-up, with a greater focus on melody. Doom metal is not known for its clear production, but Pallbearer's latest track is a success in part because of how good it sounds. Also because it's really killer, that too.

Head over to NPR to stream "The Ghost I Used To Be", the debut single from Foundations of Burden. The album is set for release on August 19th via Profound Lore and can be pre-ordered on the label's Bandcamp.

Bandcamp Find: Telepathy

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Band: Telepathy
Album: 12 Areas

Call it post-metal. Call it sludge. Call it post-stoner. Call it whatever, but no matter how you describe it, make sure to point out that this is some heavy shit. It's not heavy in a breakdown after breakdown way, nor is it heavy in a we have loud, distorted, big riffs way. Well, maybe it's the latter a little bit, but mostly the entire band is just punishing in how they play. The drums are angry as hell and come across with some serious force while the bass rumbles along, feeling like a minor earthquake throughout. Then there's the songwriting and riffs. Is it a bit misleading to say the riffs remind me of Neurosis, but with some actual balls? Naw, I don't think so. I get the sense that Telepathy wants you to feel like you've been simultaneously gut punched uppercut in the jaw after every song. Yeah, they're gonna break you. And you'll love it.

Bandcamp Find: 350teric

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Band: 350teric
Album: Atavism

350teric may have only been around for a few years, but he's released a LOT of material already, which seems to be the case with a lot of artists now utilizing bandcamp. Why leave things on the cutting room floor when you can just put EVERYTHING on bandcamp? This can lead to a lot of filler and garbage cluttering up around the genuinely good songs/albums that a band creates. 350teric's past work hasn't always been top-notch, but there was always potential. With this EP, however, the stars have aligned and his combination of groove metal, progressive metal, and traditional metal feels mature. I simultaneously feel like I'm listening to a classic metal band and a modern progressive metal band. The aesthetic of traditional metal (solos, progressions, and song structuring) has met the "sound" of modern progressive metal (djent guitar tones and a focus on technicality).