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Tear Out the Heart is dead, everywhere

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

You can stream Dead, Everywhere, the latest album from Tear Out the Heart over at Alternative Press.

Corelia Crowdfunding Debut Double Album

Posted by Nick Senior

California prog metal band Corelia has been quiet for quite a while now, but apparently that's because they're overachievers. The band is taking to Indiegogo to crowdfund its debut album, which you can donate to at this location. As of right now, Corelia is mere dollars away from its goal of $15,000 to record. The pre-order goodies include the standard shirts, hoodies, signed lyrics, and a "cloak" that will grant you access into any Corelia show you attend. Check out the options at the link above. In case you need any convincing, check out our review of the band's EP and get excited for this upcoming release.

Get some new A Swarm of the Sun

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Stream A Swarm of the Sun's new album, The Rifts, right here

It's a great combination of post-metal and post-rock. And we loved their debut album here at Decoy.

Joey Sturgis to Host the Next CreativeLive Workshop

Posted by Nick Senior

Famous (and infamous) producer Joey Sturgis (pretty much most of Rise Records' roster) will host the next CreativeLive "Studio Pass" workshop next month, February 4-6, from 12 PM - 7 PM EST. In this class, Sturgis will share his well-renown techniques for writing and arranging songs, tips for recording, editing and mixing, and more.

You can head over to CreativeLive "Music & Audio" at this location for more information and enroll for free today. As much flack as Joey has gotten from critics, he definitely has a defined style, so it's definitely going to be a worthwhile session.

Comeback Kid don't mind

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Check out the video for "Didn't Even Mind" by Comeback Kid below.

View on YouTube

Do You Want to See How Jamie King and BTBAM Sound So Perfect?

Posted by Nick Senior

Tommy Rogers, vocalist for site favorites Between the Buried and Me, along with long-time producer Jamie King, will host a free, two-day CreativeLive "Studio Pass" workshop next week on Monday, December 8th and Tuesday, December 9th from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. EST. During the class,  Rogers and King will share their signature approach to production approach to production, their near-patented method for getting the music to sound perfect but not over-produced. Viewers will also get a  behind-the-scenes look as Rogers and King track drums, bass, vocals, and guitar for a song from Tommy's latest (and really solid) solo album, Modern Noise.

Head over to CreativeLive "Music & Audio" at this location for more information and to enroll for free. We've covered the previous CreativeLive workshop before, with Demon Hunter's Ryan Clark and Eyal Levi, and this newest workshop is sure to be pretty fantastic.

Wings Denied announces Progressive Winter 2015

Posted by Nick Senior

Just like winter, 2015 is coming, whether we like it or not. DC-based progressive metal group Wings Denied (whom we've recommended once before) is taking advantage of the cold, by embarking on Progressive Winter 2015. They are joined on the tour by New Jersey group Cryptodira. The tour runs throughout next January. The dates are below as well as in the comments. You can check out Wings Denied on Facebook or Bandcamp.

1/11: Akron, OH
1/12 Cincinnati, OH
1/13 Kalamazoo, MI
1/14 Fort Wayne, IN
1/15 New Albany, IN
1/16 Chattanooga, TN
1/17 Jacksonville, FL
1/17 New Port Richey, FL (not a typo)
1/18 Athens, GA
1/20 Columbia, SC
1/21 Raleigh, NC
1/22 Greensboro, NC
1/23 Washington DC

New Project 86 side project

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Andrew Schwab, of Project 86, has a new side project that goes by the name of London Six Echo. You can listen to the first song from the band, "I Am the Beginning" on Soundcloud

95% of scene drummers just got owned by a 16 year old

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Somebody please get this girl in touch with some other talented kids so we can have a sub-20 supergroup to put all the medoicre scene bands to shame. 

View on YouTube

Joe Satriani's memoir is only $1.99 today

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

If you want a kindle copy of Joe Satriani's memoir, Strange Beautiful Music, grab it over on Amazon today for only $1.99.

Black Crown Initiate may fracture your ears

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Check out the video for "The Fractured One" from Black Crown Initiate below. 

Bandcamp Find: Reason to Care

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Band: Reason to Care
Album: Evyn

Melodic hardcore can be an amazing genre to experience. The anger, angst, yearning, and all those other strong emotions are so often worn on the sleeves of the bands in this genre--just give a listen to Verse or Modern Life Is War and tell me they don't have something going on deep inside. Reason to Care come to us from Germany and fit in alongside those aforementioned bands, playing a mid-tempo melodic hardcore style that has a ton of heart. It's this earnestness and sheer effort that helps the band overcome some vocal missteps (at times they come across a bit too strained) and the occasional blandness. They're giving it their all, and that's a hell of an endearing trait in a hardcore band. 

Daily Discovery: Årabot

Posted by Nick Senior

We're going to start a new Friday tradition over at Decoy Music: highlighting an under-the-radar band on everyone's favorite day of the week.

Nothing's more under the radar than a band you've just heard of who is releasing its 11th (!) album. Norwegian group Årabot is definitely an interesting breed. There's absolutely a love of The Melvins- or Unsane-style of noise rock, but there's also a decidedly evil twist to the sound. It seems like Årabot is well-versed in its homeland's black metal roots. I Modi is named for the famous Italian book that was allegedly destroyed by the Catholic Church (because sex is ewww). So, Årabot decided to record an album about Renaissance porn in an abandoned Church because why not, right? This all adds up to an album that just sounds massive. Plus, just look at that album cover.

However, that doesn't tell the whole story. The first two tracks have a swampy, sludgy sound with an oddball touch. "Annul" features an almost sermon-like introduction that ends with a holy choir climax. "Protomartyr Thekla" has a deranged circus undercurrent that's fairly terrifying. So, yes, Årabot absolutely brings the riffs, but it also brings the weird in heavy doses. There's nothing wrong with that.

You can order a digital copy over at Amazon or visit the label's website to hear a couple tracks and snag the vinyl.

Bandcamp Find: Widower

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Band: Widower
Album: World of Hate

Widower may call themselves melodic hardcore, but don't let that fool you into thinking they're soft in any way. With most songs on this EP coming in under 3 minutes, each one is rocketship paced, gritty, distorted, and in your face. And if you think the vocals are the part that's "melodic" about the band, think again. They're searing and yelled out with authority. It's probably not even close to a good way to describe these guys, but it feels like somehow Sick of It All and Modern Life Is War punched each other out and left Widower in the aftermath.