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Exclusive: Matthew Heller - Tragedy Town Stream

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Today Decoy Music is happy to bring you the exclusive stream of indie singer/songwriter Matthew Heller’s latest EP. Tragedy Town is slated for release on August 26, 2014. You can pre-order it via Amazon and keep up with Matthew on Facebook. According to Mr. Heller, “Making Tragedy Town was an awesome and organic experience from the start. The songs started out being very private, about personal subjects, but as we recorded with Densmore and Pollock, we realized that the songs on this EP really meant a lot to folks. We were looking to make a statement with these songs but also have fun.”
You can stream the new EP at this Soundcloud linkTragedy Town definitely makes a statement and should appeal to a wide range of listeners. The “fun factor” permeates each of these four tracks, as Matthew delves into alt rock, folk, space rock, country, blues and soul. It’s a great credit to him that none of these tracks feel even remotely scattershot. It’s an impressively cohesive and enjoyable listen.

Bandcamp Find: Kinetik

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Band: Kinetik
Album: Relatively Speaking

One of the reasons I fell in love with the band Scamp was the pummeling rhythm section of the band. Every bass roll was felt, with supreme force. Their form of groove metal was a cut above because it had that rock solid rhythm section as their foundation. With Kinetik, Scamp have a peer that has figured out their magic formula. On the 6 songs of this EP, Kinetik's style of groove metal hits you over the head with the solid, room-filling drumming (even with it being programmed), but then keeps you around with the riffs that, as so many bands do nowadays, tend to dip into the djent and progressive realm. It's not as cut and dried as that, though, as you'll encounter well used electronics, the occasional sung vocals to go with the harsh, and some nifty traditional guitar solos. It's nice hearing some solid groove metal again, even if the band has called it quits.

The Contortionist are speaking their own amazing language

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Check out the latest song from The Contortionist's upcoming album below. It's heavenly.

Good god, Dope are still around...

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

The song below, "Selfish", comes from Dope's upcoming 6th album Blood Money. Six albums, guys. How have they gotten to a sixth album? 

Bandcamp Find: Left For Wolves

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Band: Left For Wolves
Album: Real Life

Metalcore seems to have lost its edge a bit the last couple of years. With so many bands focusing on a glossy sound, cleanly sung choruses, electronic flourishes, and breakdowns that are as tame as they are loud, everything feels neutered, even though the bands still seem "heavy". Left For Wolves, another rock solid band from Australia, really don't seem to give a shit about any of those things. They're much more concerned with playing aggressive, face-punching, hardcore-focused metalcore. They share more in common with the glory years of Unearth and Hatebreed than anyone currently on Rise's or Victory's rosters. This is no-frills metalcore, and that's definitely not a bad thing.

New Stolas Tune

Posted by Nick Senior

Blue Swan Records has now become the de facto home for progressive post-hardcore, with great recent releases from Hail the Sun, Sianvar, and Secret Band. Let's include Las Vegas' Stolas to that list. We gave their debut a good review but felt the band needed to work on a few things. Fast forward just over a year, and the band has given us a taste of its upcoming sophomore record Allomaternal, which is due for release on October 15th. You can stream "Solunar" in the replies. To this ear, the band has leveled up in every conceivable fashion. Consider this the opposite of a sophomore slump. You can pre-order the album on the band's Bandcamp page.

Heartist continue Roadrunner's tradition of signing rock bands for radio

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Roadrunner Records' recently released Feeding Fiction by their latest darlings Heartist. As much as I miss the Roadrunner of years past, they do have a knack for signing bands that can write some damn catchy songs for radio. Check out "Skeletons" below.

Bandcamp Find: S4D

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Band: S4D
Album: S4D-2

It's a bit of an odd combination to have drum & bass mixed in with your industrialized metal. In fact, I haven't heard anything quite like this since Pitchshifter or older Atari Teenage Riot. S4D has a bit more focus on the electronics than either of the aforementioned bands, but they don't forget about the industrial metal either. In fact, a lot of the guitarwork reminds me of pieces of Fear Factory's long career. And to keep things interesting, there's even some nice middle eastern flavor lightly tossed in on "2761 BC". It's nice to see industrial and progressive metal with a heavy electronics influence again. 

Haste the Day looking for some dollar bills

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Haste the Day have an Indiegogo campaign up to fund a new album. They're getting close to their goal, so if you want to hear some new HtD, go fund it!

The future of music is... PVC?

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Turns out that all you need is a pair of flip-flops and some cleverly put together PVC piping to make music. 

Bandcamp Find: Endeavour

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Band: Endeavour
Album: The Advancement in Atrophy

There's something about ambi-djent that instantly draws me to any band playing in its sub-genre confines. Often things end up a mess and the "ambi-" portion of an album simply consists of interludes between songs, leaving me unsatisfied and cheated. Then there are albums like The Advancement in Atrophy where there a swaths of ambience throughout songs, creating soundscapes and backdrops to the metalcore edged djent that drives most of the songs. Endeavour have an album on their hands that you can equally space out and smash face to. It's not often that's pulled off competently. 


Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Pop music is infinitely more interesting when you add aliens, robots, outer space dance parties, and hot chicks with boob missiles... 

The Acacia Strain are still heavy

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Below is "Cauterizer" from The Acacia Strain's upcoming album that's dropping in October.

Darkness Divided want to remind you that Jesus died for you

Posted by Rick Gebhardt

Check out Darkness Divided's latest video for the track "The Hands that Bled" below.